Due to an emergency, our February 6th exam date
has been postponed to Saturday, February 13th, 2016

If you have registered for the Feb. 6th date, please come to the Feb. 13th exam

Welcome to our gateway to applying for your PA Act 235 Lethal Weapons Certification.

Pennsylvania's Act 235 regulates the training and certification of security officers working in Pennsylvania. While Act 120 regulates the training and certification of police officers in Pennsylvania, Act 235 regulates the carry of a firearm or other lethal weapon on the job by security personnel, private investigators, bail bondsman, bounty hunters, bodyguards, etc.

If you want to carry concealed legally in Pennsylvania, you need to apply for a Pennsylvania License To Carry Firearms. However, the license for concealed carry for personal defense is not applicable if you want to carry a firearm as part of your job. For that, you need to apply for your Act 235 certification.

Dr. Bruce Eimer is a PA licensed clinical psychologist and an NRA certified law enforcement firearms instructor. He is also an Act 235 certified agent in Pennsylvania. He can help you through the Act 235 application process by performing you're required Act 235 psychological exam. You can also get your Act 235 required physical exam and fingerprints through his offices.

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